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Hawker Beechcraft

A British company, Hawker Beechcraft is one of the leading aircraft manufacturers. Beechcraft produces wide variety of jets, turboprops, military and specialized aircraft.

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Beechcraft King Air 350 Turbo Prop | 9 seats | 2260 miles range

A spacious turbo prop, the Beech 350 can be configured for up to 11 passengers. Low noise levels combined with cost and time efficiency make this an extremely popular commuter aircraft.

Beechcraft King Air 90 Turbo Prop | 5 seats | 1570 miles range

A small twin-engine turbo prop aircraft with a pressurised cabin, seating up to six passengers, the Beech 90 - quieter than some popular business jets - is often known as the executive jet of turbo props.

Beechcraft Super King Air 200 Turbo Prop | 8 - 10 seats | 2170 miles range

The Beech 200 is a small, twin-engine prop aircraft with a pressurised cabin, ideal for shorter flights and is known as the executive jet of propelled aircraft.

Beechcraft Premier 1 Small Business Jet | 6 - 7 seats | 1730 miles range

With the Premier I, you won't just be stepping up to jet performance. This aircraft offers a spacious cabin that provides more room than any other light jet on the market, seating six passengers in real comfort.

Beechjet 400 / Hawker 400 XP Small Business Jet | 7 - 8 seats | 2220 miles range

Beechcraft 400 and the newer version the Hawker 400 XP are small business jets equipped with a private washroom and can accommodate 7 to 8 people in unsurpassed comfort.

Hawker 1000 Midsize Business Jet | 8 - 9 seats | 3570 miles range

The Hawker 1000 can easily accommodate 8 to 9 passengers during transcontinental trips. This midsize private jet is equipped with large baggage storage space.

Hawker 125 - 850 XP Midsize Business Jet | 8 - 13 seats | 3340 miles range

The Hawker 850 XP is a twin engine midsize jet ideal for short to medium length trips. It can accomodate from 8 to 13 passengers in great comfort in its medium sied cabin.

Hawker 125-800 / 800 XP Midsize Business Jet | 8 seats | 2970 miles range

The Hawker 125-800 and the later model Hawker 800 XP can easily accommodate 8 people in their spacious stand-up cabin. It has a fitted washroom in the rear and full galley giving full satisfaction for all passengers while traveling.

Hawker 4000 Super Midsize Business Jet | 9 seats | 3290 miles range

Raytheon Hawker 4000, a super midsized private jet, can comfortably accommodate 9 people. This private plane offers a full washroom, spacious luggage compartment and full standing headroom, an excellent choice for transcontinental trips.