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Charter a Gulfstream G550

Interior | Passenger Capacity & Cabin Dimensions | Video of the Gulfstream G550


Gulfstream G550 - Charter info

The Gulfstream G550 is one of the most popular private jets in the world. Its sales are constantly rising and more and more are flown every day. Here at Private Jet Charter, we’re passionate about aviation and the G550 is one of the private jets that make our hearts beat. That’s why we would like to share it with you today.


Facts about the Gulfstream G550 Private Aircraft

Aircraft Type: Large / Long Range Jet

Seats: 16 to 18

Range: 6,750 Nautical Miles (12,501 km)

Crew: Captain, First Officer & Cabin Attendants

Cabin dimensions: Length 43 ft 11 in (13.39 m), Width 7 ft 4 in in (2.24 m) , Height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)

Luggage capacity: 226 cubic feet (6.4 m³)

Gulfstream G550 Interior

Let’s start with some numbers

The G550 was first released in 2003 and based on the design of the Gulfstream V. Its maker Gulfstream has already delivered more than 300 units in this series! Its price is not so high considered it’s a long-range jet but will still set you back around 50 million dollars.

The length of the jet is 96.5 feet, its width is 93.6 feet and its height is 25 feet. The cabin length varies depending on the configuration (on average 43 feet) but remains 7.4 feet wide and 6.2 feet high which is more than enough to stand up completely.

The maximum fuel capacity of the jet is a massive 41300 pounds (it’s a long-range jet after all). Empty a G550 weighs 48300 pounds. Its maximum take-off weight is 91000 pounds. Gulfstream G550 jets are equipped with 2 Rolls-Royce BR710 turbofan engines which are capable of more than 15000 pounds of thrust each. At full thrust you’d be riveted to your seat!

These jets can land on runways 2770 feet long after flying for over 14 hours! They can take-off in only 5900 feet. Their maximum range is 6750 nautical miles and they fly at a speed of 459 knots (although they can reach 500 knots when needed).

These jets can land on runways 3000 feet long after flying for almost 6 hours. Their maximum range is 2400 nautical miles at a speed of 420 knots. Its maximum speed is 453 knots.

Gulfstream G550 cabin


Gulfstream has equipped the G550 cockpit with PlaneView technology. They describe it as the most advanced flight deck in existence. It provides pilots with integrated avionics such as airport charts and video images from external cameras. It was designed to allow flight crews to work at the peak of their skills.

Gulfstream G550 - Private Jet Charter

One unusual safety feature of the aircraft is the Emergency Descent Mode that will protect everybody on board in the event of a depressurization. PlaneConnect technology connects the plane to maintenance operations on the ground. It is another safety feature that allows faster resolution of issues that arise.

The Rolls-Royce engines on the G550 are compliant with Stage 4 noise requirements and will allow the aircraft to land anywhere in the world, even in airports that have strict emissions restrictions as the G550’s engines have emission levels below the ones dictated by international regulation.


Travelling in a Gulfstream G550

The G550 cabin has many different configurations (it might very well be the most versatile of all aircrafts) offering a choice of seat and couches. You will be able to accommodate from 14 to 19 passengers and even have 2 attendants in addition to the 2 pilots. The galley can be located at the front or at the back of the aircraft, depending on your taste. Emphasis has been put on the air conditioning system to leave you feeling refreshed upon landing.

The entertainment system is touch based. It includes two LCD monitors and two dual DVD players as well as noise cancelling headphones. If you want to work while on board, a locally networked printer is available. You can even have broadband internet access for an additional cost.

You can learn more about Gulfstream and their G550 on their official website.