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Charter a Gulfstream G500

Interior | Passenger Capacity & Cabin Dimensions | Video of the Gulfstream G500 / GV


Gulfstream G500 / GV - Charter info

The Gulfstream G500 was revealed on the 15 of October 2014, two days ago. It should be placed in the heavy jet category because of its wide cabin and range. It is Gulfstream’s latest little baby along with the G600 who was revealed on the same day. At Private Jet Charter, we are never as excited as when a new aircraft comes out and everybody at the office is hoping we can charter it very soon. Today we would like to share what we know about the aircraft with you.


Facts about the Gulfstream G500 / GV Private Aircraft

Aircraft Type: Ultra Long Range Jet

Seats: 18

Range: 5,000 Nautical Miles (9,260 km)

Crew: Captain, First Officer & Cabin Attendants

Cabin dimensions: Length 41 ft 6 in (12.65 m), Width 7 ft 11 in (2.41 m) , Height 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)

Luggage capacity: 226 cubic feet (6.4m³)

Gulfstream G500 / GV Interior

Let’s start with some numbers

The G500 was released in October 2014 and based on the design of the Gulfstream V and G550. Its maker Gulfstream has already received many orders but since the aircraft has only been recently made available, they haven’t been delivered yet. Its price tag should be around 45 million dollars, 10 million less that the G600 (although, these prices are only estimates for now).

The length of the jet is 91.2 feet, its width is 87.1 feet and its height is 25.6 feet. The cabin length (from the cockpit to the baggage compartment) is 41.6 feet while the width is 7.11 feet. Its height is 6.4 feet which is more than enough to stand up even for tall people.

The maximum fuel capacity of the jet is 28850 pounds. Its maximum zero fuel weight is 52,100 pounds. Its maximum take-off weight is 76850 pounds. The G500 is equipped with 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW814GA engines which are capable of more than 15000 pounds of thrust each. Expect fast take-off and climb!

These jets can land on runways 3100 feet long after flying for almost 9 hours! They can take-off in only 5200 feet. They can reach an altitude of up to 51000 feet. Their maximum range is 5000 nautical miles and they fly at a speed of 562 knots (although they can reach 611 knots as a maximum).

Gulfstream G500 picture


As you could expect from a very recent aircraft, the G500’s technology is cutting edge. The Symmetry Flight Deck™ doesn’t have control columns but side sticks. Both are digitally linked so that each pilot’s input can be felt by the other. The cockpit is equipped with a total of 10 touch screens. This allowed the engineers to remove almost all the classic buttons and install software that displays the options specific to each phase of the flight. An infrared sensor and a transparent screen located in the normal field of vision allow the pilots in low visibility conditions almost like in normal condition. They also improved on the fly by wire technology with their Intelligence-by-Wire™ which provides even better performances than before.

Gulfstream G500 - Private Jet Charter

The G500 is the longest flying aircraft capable of flying over Mach 0.85 without sacrificing its payload. Even at maximum weight it is still capable of flying 4600 nautical miles. Overall, Gulfstream outfitted their aircraft to find a balance between manoeuvrability, speed and comfort. The G500 also boasts one of the best cabin designs ever.


Travelling in a Gulfstream G500

While you have a choice of configuration for the cabin of the G500, for all of them Gulfstream insisted on making them all very comfortable. Whether you fly with the maximum amount of passengers possible (18) or in a more executive configuration (8 passengers), you’re assured to fly in great comfort. The cabin is larger than average, so you can easily stand or at least not knock yourself on its walls while you’re seating. The large windows will allow you to enjoy the scenery. If you plan on working, the aircraft provides you conference tables that are height adjustable as well as high speed communications.

If you’d rather relax, you can simply enjoy your reclining seat. With 27 inches to sit, you won’t feel tight at all. The interior has been designed to be very quiet, so nap and conversation won’t suffer from the noise. With fresh and pressurized air the effects of jet lag are also reduced. Don’t worry about over packing, the aircraft has a lot of adjustable storage space and each seat is also equipped with built in storage. Passengers can control the window shades, temperature and entertainment system from their individual touch screens so that all you have to do is sit down and enjoy a relaxing, even refreshing flight.

You can learn more about Gulfstream and their G500 on their official website.

Images courtesy of Gulfstream - official website.