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Dassault Falcon 50 / Falcon 50 EX

Where do you want your Falcon 50 / Falcon 50 EX to take you?

Do you want to rent a Dassault Falcon 50? The Falcon 50 and newer Falcon 50 EX are designed to perform where other jets dare not go. Advanced powerplants and avionic technologies, together with legendary airport performance, deliver the only midsize jet capable of intercontinental reach, as well as the use of remote and short runway airfields. The Falcon 50 jet hire cruises safely over open seas and isolated land, with the reassurance a third engine provides. For more details on renting a Dassault Falcon 50 or Falcon 50 EX Private Aircraft, please call / email Private Jet Charter now

Aircraft Factsheet
Seats 8 - 10
Range 3760 miles
Crew Captain, First Officer & Cabin Attendant
Cabin Dimensions 5ft 11 (H) x 6ft 01 (W) x 23ft 10 (L)
Luggage Volume 115 cubic feet (3.26m)