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Dassault Falcon 2000

Where do you want your Falcon 2000 to take you?

With a shorter cabin but greater luggage capacity than the Falcon 900 jet charter from which it was derived, the Falcon 2000 (and later model F2000 EX) is a twin-engine, wide-bodied business jet, 'born to be a fighter'. Climbing 43,000 feet in just 27 minutes, this powerful twinjet can manage high, hot and short runways. It can climb above thunder in the summer and strong westerly headwinds in the winter.

Aircraft Factsheet
Seats 10 - 12
Range 3600 miles
Crew Captain, First Officer & Cabin Attendant
Cabin Dimensions 6ft 02 (H) x 7ft 08 (W) x 31ft 00 (L)
Luggage Volume 134 cubic feet (3.79m)