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Cessna Citation X

Where do you want your Citation X to take you?

Charter a Cessna Citation X private jet for worldwide charter. Not only is the Citation X one of the fastest business large jets ever built, it also boasts the best range in its class of private jet. Its low operational costs make it an attractive alternative to its larger jet competitors, operating trans-oceanic trips with ease. Need to rent a Cessna Citation X? then call Private Jet Charter on the number displayed at the bottom of this page, alternatively you can use our online quotation form, email us your trip details for a quote. Really in a rush for a fast price to charter a private jet? then use our Quick Quote orange button in the top right corner of the screen.

Aircraft Factsheet
Seats 8
Range 3740 miles
Crew Captain & First Officer
Cabin Dimensions 5ft 08 (H) x 5ft 07 (W) x 23ft 08 (L)
Luggage Volume 07 (W) x 23ft 08 (L) 1.72m (H) x 1.70m (W) x 7.21m (L) Luggage Hold: 72 cubic feet (2.04m)