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Cessna Citation V / Ultra / Encore

Where do you want your Citation V / Ultra / Encore to take you?

Charter the Cessna Citation Ultra / Encore Aircraft for Worldwide flights. The Ultra and later Encore are updated and improved versions of the popular Citation V light jets, seating 7-8 passengers. The increased performance with later models of this private plane allows for faster climbs, with a smooth, comfortable ride, well above weather, flying further and with more passengers. Interested in renting a Citation Ultra / Encore? Then call us on the number displayed at the bottom of the screen, email us your details or use our online quotation form for a quote in minutes.

Aircraft Factsheet
Seats 7 - 8
Range 2260 miles
Crew Captain & First Officer
Cabin Dimensions 4ft 10 (H) x 4ft 11 (W) x 17ft 04 (L)
Luggage Volume 67.3 cubic feet (1.90m)