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Charter a Cessna Citation Sovereign Aircraft

Interior | Passenger Capacity & Cabin Dimensions | Video of Cessna Citation Sovereign


Cessna Citation Sovereign - Charter info

The Cessna Citation Sovereign and its newer version the Sovereign+ were design to fit the needs of the aviation market of the last decade. This is why they have become very popular, especially for flights to airports equipped with shorter runways. At Private Jet Charter, as you probably know, we love private jets!


Facts about the Cessna Citation Sovereign Private Aircraft

Aircraft Type: Super Mid Size

Seats: 9

Range: 3,188 Nautical Miles (5,908 km)

Crew: Captain, First Officer & Cabin Attendants

Cabin dimensions: Length 25ft 03 in (7.7m), Width 5ft 07 (1.7m), Height 5ft 09 (1.75m)

Luggage capacity: 100 cubic feet (2.83m³)

Cessna Citation Sovereign Interior

Let’s start with some numbers

Cessna Citation Sovereigns were sold for the first time in 2004. Their first flight dates back to February 2002. The builder, Cessna, has already delivered more than 300 of them. This number includes both the original and the upgraded version. The aircraft “only” costs around 18 million dollars.

These jets are 63.5 feet long, 72.3 feet wide and 20.3 feet high. The cabin (without the cockpit) is 25 feet long and 66 inches wide. As for the Excel series, the cabin is 68 inches high.

One Sovereign can only carry a maximum of 11,390 pounds of fuel. It is rather light. It’s empty weight is only 17700 pounds. It can, however, take off as heavy as 33775 pounds. Its engines are made by Pratt & Whitney Canada. They are two PW306D engines capable of 5907 pounds of thrust each. They allow the plane to rise at a rate of 4083 feet per minute and to reach its maximum altitude of 47000 feet in only 27 minutes.

It was designed to land on runways as short as 2600 feet after spending almost 7 hours in flight. Its maximum range is 3188 nm and its maximum speed is 460 knots.

Cessna Citation Sovereign Aircraft Cabin Dimensions


Cessna has fitted the Citation Sovereign with a glass cockpit and very modern equipment like the Garmin G5000™ system. The LCD touch-screen displays are extensive, easy to read and use. The auto-throttle also reduces the load on the pilots. To enhance flying capabilities in poor or in absence of visibility, Cessna installed a Garmin system (Synthetic Vision Technology) to create real time maps of obstacles surrounding the aircraft.

Cessna Citation Sovereign - Private Jet Charter

The aircraft has been certified to be flown by two pilots but is not allowed to the flown by one. Amongst the upgrades of the Sovereign+ is the addition of winglets at the tip of the wings to enhances aerodynamics and overall, the aircraft’s efficiency.


Travelling in a Cessna Citation Sovereign

As usual, Cessna has created interiors to suit everybody’s needs. Standard configurations are for 8 to 9 passengers but it is possible to seat up to 12 passengers without sacrificing too much comfort. The human body was at the heart of the cabin design where everything was fitted to accommodate it. Upgrades were also installed on the air conditioning system.

In addition to the usual high comfort leather seats and easy bar and toilet access you will benefit from a high tech cabin control system. It includes temperature control, window shades, lighting control, sound control (MP3 or iPhone) and video (Blu-Ray). You can also use the Wi-Fi to connect to the internet.

You can learn more about Cessna and the Citation Sovereign on their official website.

Pictures courtesy of Cessna, see there official site here.