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Charter a Boeing Business Jet / BBJ VIP Airliner

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Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) - Charter info

The Boeing Business Jet (the VIP version of the 737-700) or BBJ for short is one of the biggest private jets you can hire. The series is often used for presidential travels. It is used as a presidential aircraft in Argentina, Australia, Colombia, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nigeria and more. You won’t be surprised to learn that at Private Jet Charter we love BBjs; they are amazing aircrafts for parties or for business flights! So let’s introduce you to the BBJ!


Facts about the Boeing Business Jet / BBJ

Aircraft Type: VIP Airliner

Seats: 8 to 63 VIP configuration – 149 Commercial configuration

Range: 7100 miles (11,480 km) 6200 nautical miles

Crew: Captain, First Officer & Cabin Attendants

Cabin dimensions: Length 79 ft (24.1m), Width 11.5 ft (3.5m), Height 7 ft 3 in (2.20m)

Luggage capacity: 329 cubic feet (9.3m³)

Charter a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) VIP Aircraft

Let’s start with some numbers

The BBJ’s production started in 1998 and it was first sold in 1999. The builder, Boeing has already sold more than 190 aircrafts from this series which has been developed in a partnership with General Electric! The price of the BBJ depends on the model (from BBJ 1 to 3) and ranges from 47 to 310 million dollars.

The length of the plane is 110 feet, its width is 117 feet and its height is 41 feet. The cabin (excluding cockpit) is 79 feet long, 11.5 feet wide and even a basketball player would feel comfortable in the cabin as its height is about 7.3 feet.

The maximum fuel capacity of the Boeing Business Jet is around 57000 pounds. Empty, a BBJ weighs 94570 pounds. It can, however, take off as heavy as 171000 pounds. BBJs are equipped with 2 CFM International CFM56-7 turbofans capable of 26,400 pounds of thrust each. As you probably guessed, these don’t even need to be at full power to push you down into your seat!

A BBJ takes a minimum of 7000 feet of runway to stop after flying for more than 11 hours. They can cover distances as long as 6200 nautical miles at a maximum speed of 481 knots.

Boeing BBJ Cabin Dimension


The usual Boeing technology has been incorporated in the BBJ series. It reduces the need for additional pilot training and pilots for this series are easy to find. The cockpit is mostly composed of the LCD displays (there are 6 of them, made by Honeywell) that provide flight information to the pilot. It is equipped with an auto throttle system which improves the fuel efficiency. Many safety features allow the plane to fly in adverse weather conditions and still land safely, such as the WXR-700X wind shear detection weather radar.

Boeing BBJ Cockpit - Private Jet Charter

The wing configuration is standard. However, it is possible to ask for the addition of winglets to improve the fuel efficiency. Most BBJs already have them installed when they come out of the assembly line but you can still find some 737-700s which don’t have any. Winglets allow for better aerodynamics and reduce operating costs. The BBJ 2 version can be fitted with 9 auxiliary fuel tanks (however traded against cargo bay space) to enhance its range. The BBJ 2 is smaller, so even with the additional tanks it can only go as far as 5750 nautical miles (with 8 passengers). The BBJs are usually manned by a crew of 4.

Boeing Business Jet Cabin Dimensions comparison

Travelling in Boeing Business Jet / BBJ

There are different configurations available for the BBJ. The cabin is larger than those of medium or even large jets and features facilities like a bar, a bedroom, a board room or even a shower. However, the configuration can be adapted to your specific needs and will usually vary. In a VIP configuration the BBJ usually is optimised for 19 passengers, however, in non-VIP configuration, you can seat as many as 63 passengers. Such drastic changes in configuration may affect the maximum range because of the additional weight. Comfort on long flights is one of the most important requirements for passengers. Luckily, the BBJ has been fitted with equipment that exceeds most of the other aircrafts on the market. For example, thanks to its wide cabin, the aircraft can accommodate round tables, entire lounges and even a complete bathtub. The aircraft is richly decorated and can on occasion be entirely redecorated to accommodate your taste. You can find out more about Boeing and its BBJ series on their official website.

Video concept interior of a Boeing Business Jet.