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Charter a Boeing 767 VIP

Interior | Passenger Capacity & Cabin Dimensions | Video of the Boeing 767 VIP


Boeing 767 VIP - Charter info

The Boeing 767 - 300 is the first extended version of the 767 and can be flown as a private jet. Since it is a converted airliner, this jet offers a lot of flexibility in matters of configuration as well as a great range all that packed in Boeing’s well-known reliability. At Private Jet Charter, we love aircraft with great capabilities so you won’t be surprised the 767 - 300 left us impressed. This is why we would like to share it with you today!


Facts about the Boeing 767 VIP Private Aircraft

Aircraft Type: Wide-bodied Jet

Seats: up to 350 passengers (depending on configuration)

Range: 4044.28 Nautical Miles (7490 km)

Crew: Captain, First Officer & Cabin Attendants

Cabin dimensions: Length 84 ft (25.6 m), Width 7 ft 9 in (2.41 m) , Height 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)

Luggage capacity: 114.77 cubic feet (3.25 m³)


Boeing 767 VIP Interior


Let’s start with some numbers

The first version of the Boeing 767 was launched in 1978. The first extended version and the most commonly available for VIP flights, the 767 - 300 was launched in July. Its maker, Boeing, has already delivered more than 1000 units in the series! The newest version with extended range would cost you around 186 million dollars brand new.

The length of the 767 is 180.25 feet, its width is 156.1 feet and its height is 44.6 feet. The cabin is 132.3 feet long, 15.5 feet wide and 9.3 feet high which is as high as cabins can get.

The maximum fuel capacity of the jet varies between 113500 and 164000 pounds (normal version and extended range version respectively). The Boeing 757 empty weight is between 189750 and 198440 pounds.

Its maximum take-off weight varies between 350000 and 412000pounds. The Boeing 767 is equipped with 2 turbofan engines from a range of manufacturers such as Rolls Royce (RR RB211-524 G or H) Pratt &andamp; Whitney Canada (P&W PW4052 to 62) and General Electrics (GE CF6-80A or C) which are capable of between 50000 and 63300 pounds of thrust. Some of these engines are specific to either the regular version or the extended range version.

The 737 - 300 and 300ER can land on runways 5000 to 5500 feet long (depending on fuel tanks configuration) after flying for up to 9 to 13 hours! They can take-off in only 7900 to 8300 feet. Their maximum range is between 4260 and 5990 nautical miles. Their cruising speed is 470 knots and their maximum speed is 493 knots.

Boeing 767 VIP picture


The 767 - 300 is the second version of the 767. Its cabin has been extended to accommodate more passengers while the rest of the jet remains mostly unchanged. There is also a newer version of the jet, the 767 - 300ER (for extended range) that has received additional fuel tanks to fly even further. This version can also carry more weight. Boeing designed the 767 cockpit for two pilot flights. To help aircraft owners and companies find pilots more easily, they made sure the 767’s cockpit is almost identical to the 757’s.

Boeing 767 VIP - Private Jet Charter

The cockpit of the 767 - 300 pictured here now features prominent LCD displays. However, some tasks like checklists are still handled manually instead of digitally. As seen on the 757, the cockpit is equipped with a navigational system for route planning which lowers fuel consumption. Safety features also include autopilot, weather radar, alerts and navigation aids. The maintenance of the cockpit is reduced thanks to the efforts put in the design and in the redundancies. Boeing also put a lot of effort in reducing the jet’s CO2 emissions.


Travelling in a Boeing 767 VIP

The Boeing 767 can be reconfigured to fit your tastes and specific needs. It features many commercial configurations ranging from cargo to first, business and economic class seating. These can accommodate from 218 to a maximum of 350 passengers in a full economic configuration. Of course, VIP configurations are available as well; they just accommodate fewer passengers (between 50 and 100).

Flying on a converted airliner has some unique advantages. For example, you have much more room than usual both in the cabin and in the cargo hold. This is ideal if you are flying with your pets, with friends or need to fly for business. For a business flight for example, you will enjoy being able to fit an entire board room with a full sized table on the jet. For leisure flights, you will be able to fit a bathroom with shower and a bedroom on the jet, ensuring a refreshing flight. Needless to say, if you have a pet you like to play fetch with, the jet will provide you with a lot of space to play. Finally, in case you really have a lot of things to charter, it is possible to get the jet in a cargo configuration with almost 15500 cubic feet of space.

You can learn more about Boeing and the 767 series on their official website.

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Photo credit: Boeing