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Boeing 737 VIP

Where do you want your 737 VIP to take you?

Charter a Boeing 737 VIP edition, the corporate version of the Boeing 737-700, which was first available to the charter market in September 1999. It features the Boeing 737-700's airframe but combines it with a strengthened wing, fuselage centre section and up rated landing gear. These enhancements mean that clients chartering a 737 VIP can have the option to have it delivered with up to 10 additional fuel tanks compared to a standard Boeing 737 aircraft, giving it superb range. The interiors are all custom built and seating can range from 18 seats in opulent luxury through to 48 seat business class interiors.

Aircraft Factsheet
Seats 18 - 48
Range 2650 miles
Crew Captain, First Officer & Cabin Attendants