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Wide-bodied and Long-range Business Jets

Bombardier Chellenger 604 Challenger 604
9 - 10 seats
Falcon 2000 / Falcon 2000 EX Private Jet Charter Falcon 2000 / Falcon 2000 EX
10 - 12 seats
Fairchild Dornier 328 Private Jet Charter Dornier 328 Jet VIP
14 - 16 seats
Falcon 900 B / EX Private Jet Charter Falcon 900 B / EX
10 - 14 seat
Embraer Legacy Private Jet Charter Embraer Legacy
12 - 13 seats
Gulfstream G450 Private Jet Charter Gulfstream G450
10 - 14 seats

Wide bodied jets are not all capable of long range flights. However, with a bigger cabin than usual, they can provide space and luggage capacity that other planes simply don’t have. They are popular for ski trips or for bands that sometimes involve taking a lot of luggage and material on board. The cabin size is also very enjoyable as they can even accommodate board room sized tables.

Long-range jets are capable of flying across the Atlantic and can seat more people than midsize jets. For flights from Europe to the United States or from one continent or the other with 10 to 14 passengers, they are an excellent choice. They will also provide you with the best prices for long flights while retaining a very high level of comfort and luxury as well as impressive landing capabilities.