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VIP Airliners

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) / BBJ 2 Private Jet Charter

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) / BBJ 2
16 - 50 seats

VIP McDonnell Douglas MD83 Private Jet Charter

VIP McDonnell Douglas MD83
44 seats

Boeing 757 VIP Private Jet Charter

Boeing 757 VIP
63 seats

VIP Airbus 319 Corporate Jet Private Jet Charter

VIP Airbus 319 Corporate Jet
29 - 34 seats

Boeing 737 Private Jet Charter

Boeing 737
18 - 48 seats

McDonnell Douglas DC-8 VIP Private Jet Charter

McDonnell Douglas DC-8 VIP
28 - 33 seats

Fokker 100 VIP- 52J Private Jet Charter

Fokker 100 VIP- 52J class leather seats
Up to 52 seats

Boeing 767 VIP Private Jet Charter

Boeing 767 VIP
102 seats


VIP Airliners are commercial airplanes that have been converted into private jets for VIP travel. They are the most luxurious planes in the world but they are also more expensive to charter. They will take you anywhere in the world, from any destination. Configurations on these aircraft are usually VIP, which usually means fewer passengers; however they still take 16 passengers as a minimum and will take up to 100.

Only the best makers provide such aircraft (Airbus, Boeing, Fokker…) so you are guaranteed to have an extremely comfortable flight with the best equipment available. Some configurations even include bedrooms for passengers who prefer to spend their time sleeping while they travel. Such private jets are sometimes hard to come by, but Private Jet Charter can provide them to you when you want something special.