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Turbo Props

Beechcraft King Air 90 Private Jet

Beech King Air 90
4 - 8 seats

Fairchild Swearingen Merlin - Private Jet Charter

Fairchild (Swearingen) Merlin
6 seats

Beechcraft King Air 350 Private Jet Charter

Beech King Air 350
9 seats

Piaggio 180 Private Jet Charter

Piaggio 180
6 - 7 seats

Beechcraft Super King Air 200 Private Jet Charter

Beech Super Kingair 200
8 - 10 seats

Piper Cheyenne Private Jet Charter

Piper Cheyenne
6 seats


Turboprops are the next generation of propeller planes. They no longer have a regular engine spinning the propeller but instead have a turbine which trust is considerably more powerful. Compared to turbojets, turboprops’ fuel consumption is much lower. In turn, the operating cost of aircraft equipped with turboprop engines is considerably lower than regular jets.

While they usually fly slightly slower than regular jets, some turboprop planes, like the Piaggio P180 are almost just as fast as their turbine powered counterparts. Turboprop charter is ideal for short flights, usually inside one country or to fly to a neighbouring country. They can also land on very short runways or on unusual runways. They are an economical choice when you need to fly for short distances; however, they often lack the space you would find in a bigger aircraft’s cabin.