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Small Business Jets

Hawker 400XP Private Jet Charter

Beechjet 400 / Hawker 400 XP
7 - 8 seats

itation V / Ultra / Encore Private Jet Charter

Citation V / Ultra / Encore
7 - 8 seats

Citation Jet 1
5 seats

Learjet 40 Private Jet Charter

Lear 40
6 seats

Citation Jet 2 Private Jet Charter

Citation Jet 2
6 seats

Learjet 45 Private Jet Charter

Lear 45
8 seats

Citation Jet 3 Private Jet Charter

Citation Jet 3
6 seats

Beechcraft Premier 1 Private Jet Charter

Premier 1
6 seats

Citation II / Bravo Private Jet Charter

Citation II / Bravo
7 - 8 seats

Citation Mustang Private Jet Charter

Citation Mustang
4 seats


Small jets are just one step up from the turboprops jets. They don’t have propellers but regular turbine engines instead. They are an economical mean to fly around, especially for short hops as they are relatively light aircraft. Their range is fairly short and they are best used for flying inside one country or to a neighbouring country.

They can usually handle short runways and reach airports that are considered “difficult”. The operating cost of a small jet is usually higher than a turboprops’ but they make up for this cost in speed. As for turboprops, most of them have a small cabin, so they are ideal for small groups from 4 to 8 passengers; however, some clients find that these jets lack cabin space.