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Private Jet Charter Fleet of Aircraft

Private aircraft charter is synonymous with luxury and VIP service. Private Jet Charter offers the largest fleet of private planes for you to choose from, each configured to provide the ultimate private air travel experience for you.

We have private jets available across all aircraft classes and sizes. You can choose from the entire Private Jet Charter US fleet of aircraft, which includes everything from small business jets and propeller planes, to long-haul commercial airlines and midsize jets. Whether crossing the Atlantic to Paris, or flying to Las Vegas for the weekend, we have the plane for you.

Browse by aircraft size or by private jet class, use our aircraft selector tool, or submit your flight details to get a list of recommended aircraft for your next private charter flight.

Turboprop Aircraft Charter


How much will it cost to rent a Turboprop Aircraft?

Prop planes like the Beech King Air are the perfect way to get to those smaller country airports and short runways. Whether for business or pleasure, turboprops provide a practical and convenient means of flying short hops, while maintaining the comfort and luxury of private jet travel.

Small Jet / Light Aircraft Charter

Small Jets

How much will it cost to rent a Small Jet?

This class of aircraft has come into its own since the advent of the private plane. With coast-to-coast range and efficiency, these small sized jets typified by models like the Citation X can effectively serve both your regional and transcontinental needs.

Midszie Aircraft Charter

Midsize Jets

How much will it cost to rent a Midsize Jet?

Popularized by stylish jets like the Lear 60, and often the pinup boy of aircraft classes, midsize jets accommodate up to 10 guests in luxurious comfort. Fast and lightweight, midsize jets get you to where you need to be quickly and efficiently, and more importantly, makes the getting there all the more pleasurable.

Super Midsize Aircraft Charter

Super Midsize Jets

How much will it cost to rent a Super Midsize Jet?

Taking midsize jets to the next level through planes like the Cessna Citation Sovereign and Gulfstream 200, these high-performance jets comfortably seat up to 10 passengers, and provide a state-of-the-art galley and a spacious cabin – all the luxuries of a private charter jet. Designed to meet all of your flight needs, the Super Midsize category ticks all the boxes and exceeds all your expectations.

Wide-bodied and Long-range Aircraft Charter

Wide-Bodied and Long-Range Jets

How much will it cost to rent a Wide-bodied or Long Range Jet?

Typified by the Challenger 604 and Embraer Legacy jets, this is a category of aircraft that comes equipped with luxurious and spacious interiors, which provide supreme comfort and freedom of movement for every passenger o board. With an extensive range, they are a great choice for your next business jet charter to London or Paris, or for large private charter groups to any destination worldwide.

Large & Long Range Aircraft Charter

Large and Long-ranged Jets

How much will it cost to rent a Large Jet?

Climb aboard a Dassault Falcon 7X to cross the Atlantic, or try the Gulfstream V for your next private flight to Dubai. Built to accommodate a large number of passengers and fly the long-haul routes the jets in this class are fully equipped with the latest in-cabin technology and a decked out galley for the ultimate in-flight meal.

VIP Airliner Charter

VIP Airliners

How much will it cost to rent a VIP Aircraft?

The first choice for large charter groups who want the VIP experience of flying in style, luxury and comfort. The Boeing Business Jet, the Boeing 737, and the Airbus 319 Corporate Jet are classic examples of the VIP Airliners Aircraft class. Able to fly almost anywhere around the globe, they serve as the long haul, luxury private jets for corporate executives, celebrities, dignitaries and presidents the world over.

For shorter flights, consider the convenience of a private helicopter charter. Try our aircraft selector tool for help finding the right aircraft for your private charter flight, or get an instant flight quote by submitting your flight details online or by calling one of our aviation consultants on +1 954-271-7103.